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Kayak Fishing Rod Holders

Brighton Canoes sell a wide range of fishing rod holders and fittings for you to kit out your kayak into the ultimate angling machine!

Railblaza StarPort System

Railblaza Rod Holder II
With Optional Starport Mount

Railblaza Rod Holder II With Starport base

A popular rod holder for use with Suitable for fixed spool, multiplier, baitcaster and fly reels. Available in Black or White, with options to include a StarPort or Starport HD Base Mount. StarPort Mount options include hardware for installation. Fixings for most kayak slide tracks available if required.

Railblaza Rod Tube
With Optional Starport HD Mount

Railblaza Rod Tube With Starport base

A tube design holder that helps elevate the rod above the water fixed spool and multiplier reels. Available in Black either with or without a Starport HD Base Mount including hardwear. Fixings for most kayak slide tracks available if required.

Railblaza Tracloader StarPort
and Tracloader SidePort

Railblaza Rod Holder II With Starport base

A dual t-bolt StarPort mount for attaching your Railblaza accessories to slide tracks. The TracLoader StarPort will fit most existing tracks including Hobie, Wilderness, Feelfree, YakAttack, Ocean Kayak, Old Town, Vibe & more.

Flush Mount Rod Holders

Feelfree Flush Mounted Rod Holders

Feelfree fishing rod holders with flush mount to fit your kayak

Upgrade your standard Feelfree sit on top into a fishing kayak with a pair of Feelfree fishing rod holders. These rod holders are simple to fit and are compatible with Feelfree sit on tops. Supplied with fixings.

Price: £13.96 (RRP £19.95 - Saving £5.99)

Flush Mount Rod Holder

Flush mounted rod holder to fit most sit-on-top kayaks with capacity for accepting rod holders. Ideal for use with Wilderness Systems Tarpon, Perception Triumph 13, Scooter and many other kayaks.

Price: £9.06 (RRP £12.95 - Saving £3.89)

Assorted Rod Holders

FeelFree Swivel
Rod Holder

FeelFree Swivel Rod Holder

The FeelFree Rod holder can be easily mounted to almost any Sit-on-op Kayak. The holder tube can be swivelled on the base meaning its possible to Strike a bite whilst the rod is mounted. Requires fixings.

Price: £13.96 (RRP £19.95 - Saving £5.99)

RAM Fishing Rod Holder - RAP119 2008

Ram RAP 119 2008 Fishing Rod Holder for kayaks

The RAP-119 is a rod holder featuring a 1.5 inch ball round base & socket. This socket allows you to rotate the rod holder 360 degrees, while tilting the cradle forward and back for the optimum angle.

Price: £24.79 (RRP £30.99 - Saving £6.20)

Scotty Bait Caster
With Mount (280)

Scotty Bait Caster 280 kayak fishing rod holder

The Scotty Baitcaster 280 is a great fishing rod holder with a slot in the front to allow for a spinning reel to be securely held in position. A top strap secures the reel into the holder if required. Fixings required.

Price: £22.49 (RRP £29.99 - Saving £7.50)

Base Mounts

FeelFree Uni Track System
Mounting Plate

Feelfree Uni Track System Mounting Plate

Simply attach any rod holder or other accessory onto the Uni-Trak plate & then insert in the Trak Runner into the track rail on your FeelFree kayak. The mount can be slid forward & backward & locked into the perfect position with the dual cams.

Price: £27.96 (RRP £39.95 - Saving £11.99)

Scotty 244 Rectangular Flush
Deck Mount

Scotty  Flush Rectangular Deck Mount 244

The Scotty 244 Flush Deck Mount can be used to replace the standard deck mount supplied with most Scotty Rod Holders. Its flush low profile design makes it less obstructive.

Price: £9.74 (RRP £12.99 - Saving £3.25)

Scotty 241 Combination
Side or Deck Mount

Scotty Combination Side Or Deck Mount

Mount your Scotty fishing rod holder on a flat surface, on the side of a gunnel or transom of your kayak with the Scotty Combination Side Or Deck Mount 241.

Price: £11.24 (RRP £14.99 - Saving £3.75)

Scotty 259 Rod Holder
Height Extender

Scotty Rod Holder Height Extender

The Scotty 259 Height Extender allows you to increase the height of the rod holder by 6 1/2", allowing for faster access when that fish strikes.

Price: Call Us For Price

RAM Round Base 1.5 Inch Ball

RAM Round Base 1.5” Ball

The RAM-202 consists of a 1.5" diameter rubber ball connected to a flat 2.5" diameter base. This mount has pre-drilled holes, including the universal AMPs hole pattern.

Price: £15.19 (RRP £18.99 - Saving £3.80)

RAM Wedge Mount 1.5" Ball

RAM Flush Mount Wedge Adapter With 1.5inch Ball

The RAM wedge adapter with 1.5" ball and base expands to accommodate openings with an inner diameter of 1 1/2" to 1 7/8". Once installed, you have the perfect way to mount anything from RAM - Rod holders, Fishfinders and much more.

£27.19 (RRP £33.99 - Saving £6.80)

M6 Stainless Steel Fitting Kit

Stainless Steel Fishfinder Mount Fittings

A marine grade stainless steel fitting kit for fitting rod holder & other accessories with access to fit nuts. Package includes: 4 x Nuts, 8 x Washers and 4 x M6 Bolts all marine stainless steel.

Price: £2.99

M5 Well Nuts - Pack Of 4

Well Nut With Marine Grade Stainless Steel M5 Bolts - Pack Of 4

Perfect for mounting accessories to your kayak when you have no access to use a nut & bolt. Drill a 10mm hole & fit plugs which expands to grip & seal when bolt is tightened. Supplied as Pack of 4.

Price: £3.99

Railblaza Starport HD Tracmount Kit

Railblaza Starport HD Tracmount Kit

The StarPort HD TracMount Kit allows you to attach a StarPort HD to slide tracks on kayaks, boats and other craft including Wilderness Systems, Hobie H-Track, Vibe track, Ram Mounts track, Scotty track and YakAttack tracks.