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Kayak Anchors & Anchoring Accessories

Accessories for kayak fishing. Brighton Canoes stock a range of accessories for fish finders, transducers along with small parts.

Folding Kayak Anchor - 1.5kg

Folding Kayak Anchor - 0.7kg & 1.5kg

A folding galavanised grapnel anchor is ideal for anchoring a fishing kayak over all types of sea bed. The 1.5kg size is perfect for most kayak applications and works great in both shallow & deep water, clean or mixed ground. Use of anchor trolley recommended!

Price: £15.30 (RRP £18.00 - Saving £2.70)

Universal Kayak Anchor Trolley Kit

Universal Kayak Anchor Trolley Kit

All components needed to add an anchor trolley system for kayaks up to 5m / 16ft in length. Supplied with detailed step-by-step instructions. Suitable for marine and freshwater use. Comes with 2 choices of fixings - bolts/washers/nuts and marine trifold rivets.

Price: £23.95 (RRP £29.95 - Saving £6.00)

Anchor Reel - 80m

Kayak Anchor Reel - 80m

An anchor reel with 80m of line that will hold a kayak at anchor in depths of up to 40m. The reel has a ratchet to stop making it easy to let out line at anchor. This reel is designed for saltwater use so all metal components are stainless steel.

Price: £48.41 (RRP £56.95 - Saving £8.54)

High-Vis Pick-Up Buoy

High-Vis Pick-Up Buoy

A high visibility Pick-Up Buoy ideal for use as part of an anchoring system. If you need to quickly release from your anchor point, your anchor reel will be left suspended in the water beneath the buoy until it is safe to return and pick it up again.

Price: £19.13 (RRP £22.50 - Saving £3.37)

Zig-Zag Cleat

Zig-Zag Cleat

The Zig Zag Cleat is designed to lock off lines by 'zig-zagging' the line through the cleat. Ideal for use with anchor as it allows for easy quick release if necessary. Can used you to lock off both the anchor line & anchor trolley cord by 'zig-zagging' lines in opposite patterns.

Price: £6.95

Stainless Steel Fitting Kit

Stainless Steel Fishfinder Mount Fittings

A marine grade stainless steel fitting kit for fitting rod holder & other accessories with access to fit nuts. Package includes: 4 x Nuts, 8 x Washers and 4 x M6 Bolts all marine stainless steel.

Price: £2.99

M5 Well Nuts - Pack Of 4

Well Nut With Marine Grade Stainless Steel M5 Bolts - Pack Of 4

Perfect for mounting accessories to your kayak when you have no access to use a nut & bolt. Drill a 10mm hole & fit plugs which expands to grip & seal when bolt is tightened. Supplied as Pack of 4.

Price: £3.99