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Headwear - Kayaking & Canoeing

Headwear for canoeing, kayaking & other paddlesport.


The range below shows the most popular items we stock and sell. If you have any questiions or are looking for an item not listed just give us call on 01273 513200 or email

Palm Pilot Skull Cap

An affordable neoprene skull cap from to keep out that ice cream head feeling! Contructed from 3mm neoprene with flatlocked seams. Ideal to wear under helmets.

Price: £18.00

Palm Eyewear Band

Neoprene band to retain glasses on your head or around your neck. Made from 2mm neoprene, Spec Bands keep your glasses in place whilst on the water.

Price: £6.40 (RRP £8.00 - Saving £1.60)

Cottonmouth Nose Clip

NRS Cottonmouth Nose Clip

Stylish clip, soft pads, very lightweight and inconspicuously secure comfortable fit. Cottonmouth nose clips will stay on even in big water and comes ready for use.

Price: £9.31 (RRP £10.95 - Saving £1.64)


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Price: £42.36 (RRP £52.95 - Saving £10.59)