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Gloves For Kayaking and Canoeing

Kayak and canoe gloves

Brighton Canoes stock a range of gloves for canoeing and kayaking, designed to keep your hands warm and to provide extra grip on your paddle.


The range below shows the most popular items we stock and sell. If you have any questiions or are looking for an item not listed just give us call on 01273 513200 or email

NRS Fuse Gloves

The NRS Fuse gloves provide extra warth for cold weather paddling thanks to their heat-reflecting titanium and have a grippy silicone palm.

Price: £27.96 (RRP £34.95 - Saving £6.99)

NRS Maverick Gloves

The NRS Maverick Gloves are designed for cold weather use & our warmest gloves thanks to their neoprene construction providing a waterproof & windproof barrier to the elements.

Price: £43.96 (RRP £54.95 - Saving £10.99)

Palm Throttle Gloves

Multi-purpose gloves made from soft 2 mm neoprene for warmth & comfort. The tough suede leather reinforced palms & thumbs ensure the Throttle are durable but still comfy.

Price: £35.20 (RRP £44.00 - Saving £8.80)

Palm Descent Pogies

The Descent pogies provide excellent protection from the wind but are made with thicker neoprene & their short length makes it easier to get hands in quick.

Price: £44.00 (RRP £55.00 - Saving £11.00)

Palm Neoprene Pogies

Palm neoprene pogies protect the hands from cold wind whilst not affecting hand grip on paddle. Longer length creates good cover between pogie and cag sleeve.

Price: £33.60 (RRP £42.00 - Saving £8.40)