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Trousers and Salopettes for Canoeing and Kayaking

Wide range of paddling legwear including Dry Trousers, Dry Bibs and Lightweight Trousers

The listings below shows the range of waterproof trousers & salopettes that we stock. We offer a complete range from basic spray trousers to fully dry trousers and salopettes with built-in dry socks. If you have any questions or are looking for a model not listed please call us on 01273 513200 or email

Palm Zenith Pants

Palm Zenith PantsPalm Zenith Pants

The Palm Zenith Pants are a waterproof & breathable trousers quick & easy to put on. With neoprene ankle seal and twin waist system to keep you dry and warm on the water.

Price: £114.75 (RRP £135.00 - Saving £20.25)

Yak Chinook Dry Pants

Yak Chinook Dry Pants

Yak Chinook Dry Pants pants with DX10k 2.5 layer lightweight fabric, water and wind proof with reinforced knees and seat, featuring a dual waistband.

Price: From £95.00 (RRP £125.00 - Saving £30.00)

NRS Sidewinder Dry Bibs

NRS Sidewinder Dry Bibs

The NRS Sidewinder Bibs can be worn as a fishing wader, or combine them with a dry top for complete cold-weather immersion protection.

Price: £299.95 (RRP £399.95 - Saving £100.00)

Palm Atom Bibs

Palm Atom Bibs

The Palm Atom Bibs are waterproof salopette for kayaking & canoeing. Made from durable & breathable in XP 3-layer fabric with reinforced seat & knees, dry socks & relief zip.

Price: £240.00 (RRP £300.00 - Saving £60.00)

Palm Atom Pants - Mens & Womens

Palm Atom Pants - Dry Trousers

The Palm Atom Pants are a durable double waist dry trouser with waterproof socks built-in. Ideal for those who want the comfort of a dry suit with the flexibility of a two piece.

Price: £168.00 (RRP £210.00 - Saving £42.00)

NRS Endurance Pants

NRS Endurance Pants

The NRS Endurance pants are semi-dry trousers made from breathable HyproTex 2.5 layer fabric making them lightweight and comfortable yet tough and durable.

Price: £87.96 (RRP £109.95 - Saving £21.99)

NRS Freefall Pants

NRS Freefall Pants

The NRS Freefall pants will keep you dry and looking good through the autumn & winter - Featuring built-in socks and twin waist for maximum protection.

Price: £175.96 (RRP £219.95 - Saving £43.99)

Surface Immersion Dry Suits

Surface Immersion Dry Suits Surface Immersion Dry Suits

Dry trousers are a great addition to a dry cag for staying warm on the water. However, you may wish to consider a full dry suit for staying 100% dry and warm even if you fall in the water.

£399.00 (RRP £696.00 - Saving £297.00)